Our Advertising Exchange is fueled by Blue Bamboo Hosting who are a group of not only online entreprenuers but also are aware of the world around us and do their small part in making it a better place. Low cost hosting solutions, $8.99 Domain Names and they Give back. Profits go to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and various environmental organizations to help realize a more sustainable future.
***Surfing 4 A Cause is an advertising platform to help you find and market business opportunities


Surf 4 A Cause is an advertising portal with like minded people looking for business opportunities. We offer free anf paid advertising. We exchange websites by surfing or viewing. If you are looking for a new business venture or a work at home business you may find it here. Hopefully we can help you find that golden opportunity. There is no fast track but with hard work we can all benefit.

The Cat Don't Like Cancer AnyWhere


The truth is there are probably many things that you look for in a Hosting Company, price is a big one. But we like the committment of giving back. Blue Bamboo Hosting is backed and powered by the largest hosting company in the US. With theirs and our 24/7 support you are in good hands.



Join us not only in advertising but in makeing the world a better and healthier place. With our custom built Click and Surf System you earn traffic every time you visit another member's webpage and if you feel like donating directly to Breast Cancer Research their are links inside.

Profits go to BCRF



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